Hong Kong Tourism Board Renews Dutch Language Pages

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is constantly updating its web pages, also those in the Dutch language. If you are wondering what Hong Kong has to offer besides trade and industry, services and urban areas. visit this site and learn more about the beauty of Hong Kong's flora and fauna, above and under water. Learn about the many trails that criss-cross the urban areas of the islands, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories that together make up Hong Kong. Discover how, millions of years ago, a super volcano erupted in the New Territories and left magnificent marks on the surface that you can still admire today. Find out more about the ancient walled towns in the New Territories and the sacred woods that sometimes still stand nearby, or read about the mining industry and the salt winning that once thrived and have now disappeared. In the coming period we will upload selected articles from the Discover Hong Kong website of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.