Aims and Objectives

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour


The aims of the NHKBA are

- to promote the business interests of its members and partners;

- to offer its members up to date information regarding developments in Hong Kong; 

- to provide a forum for people interested in Hong Kong;

- to give its members and their guests an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, enabling them to learn from each other; 

- and to gain first hand information from prominent visiting speakers.


Main Objective: Strengthening bilateral relations

The main objective of the NHKBA is to strengthen bilateral relations between Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Focus areas include economic relations and also cultural and educational relations.


Several goals that coincide with the association’s mission are:

  • To facilitate networking between professionals in various industries who have a common interest: Hong Kong;
  • To present programs of interest and value to association members; programs which provide a better understanding of Hong Kong in general and developments in the SAR and give our (business) partners in Hong Kong a better understanding of developments in the Netherlands.