HK changes '0+3' quarantine measures per 26 September, grants entry to foreigners and unvaccinated foreigners

Shortening the quarantine measure to “0+3” for inbound travelers and granting entry to unvaccinated Hong Kong residents are two of the four latest Covid relaxations announced by Hong Kong on Friday. 

The other two are replacing the PCR test with a negative RAT result valid 24 hours before boarding a plane to Hong Kong and scrapping the quota cap on the Come2HK and Return2HK schemes. 

The latest relaxations apply to all overseas travelers and those from Taiwan and will take effect from next Monday (Sep 26), Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu announced in a press conference. 

Inbound travelers still have to take a PCR test after arriving at the airport, but they can go straight to home and hotels of their choice with the latest “Test and Go” arrangement in place. They can also leave the airport via their own choice of transportation. 

As for the “0+3” measure, it means that inbound travelers only need to spend three days for medical observation after all quarantine hotels are canceled. 

During these three days, they will be given an Amber Health Code and can go outside. Yet, they will still be barred from certain premises restricted by health regulations, including restaurants and bars. 

On Day 3, with the arrival day counted as Day 0, travelers will be issued a Blue Health Code after seeing the PCR test conducted a day before returned negative. They can then enter restaurants and bars. 

All inbound travelers are required to take a PCR test the day they arrive at the airport, and on the second, fourth and sixth days following. 

As for unvaccinated residents returning to Hong Kong, they have to follow the relaxed quarantine measures but will not be granted the provisional vaccine pass. 

Source: HK Standard, 24 September 2022

Please read more about the published rules on the HK Government website: