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Select Courier: We Make Shipping Easy
Select Courier makes worldwide and domestic shipping easy, transparant and cost-effective. A Select Courier account is free, open and comes without any obligations. With an account our customers are able to book their packages, documents and pallets online, 24/7.

One smart website, more than 150 services
At, our customers provide the details of their parcel, package or pallet. Based on those details, Select Courier presents the appropriate services and solutions along with the corresponding all-in tarriffs and transport times. We offer express and economy delivery services, but also air freight, international direct couriers, same day delivery, on board couriers and sea freight.

Time and cost saving
If our customers have questions about new or current shipments, they can rely on our own, excellent customer service. Select Cour has running operations in Asia (Hong Kong), Australia and Europe and partners with both large and local carriers. In this way, we are able to monitor the shipments of our customers anywhere. This saves our customers time and money.

We also offer free API solutions. Our API able directly connects Select Courier with the systems of our customers. This connection allows you to employ our shipping solutions and services even easier.

Questions about import and export Asia?
Both network and knowledge are extremely important when sending parcels, documents and pallets. Especially if you are shipping to or from Asia. As a network organization, Select Courier is able to inform you with valuable information and the solutions for your global shipments. In this way, Select Courier supports the international transportation flows of our customers.

An example: Through the network of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, a question is addressed to us about import from China. Normally, the Chinese producer is named on the Certificate of Origin (COO). However, the importing party wants to have its own company name on the certificate.
Solution: With an in Hong Kong registered company, a re-COO can be drawn up in the name of the importing organization.

In addition to our logistics solutions, Select Courier advises and supports companies with our expertise and global network. Through our connection with the Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association, you are able to benefit from our services and solutions as well.

If you want to get in contact with us or if you want to know more about our services and solution, you can call or email us. Or take a look on our website.
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